Our aims are to make sure that every child feels happy, safe and secure whilst developing a lively enquiring mind. We aim to help fulfil every child's potential in all aspects of personal development. We know that our approach gives lasting benefits to children and lays secure foundations for their next stage of personal development and learning ready to make the next steps to reception.  

Here at Montys we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. The foundation stage is based around 7 areas of learning and development;

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Montys ensures that children feel secure, valued and eager to learn, whilst developing respect for others and an understanding of appropriate behaviour.


Physical Development.

We ensure that children enjoy improving their physical skills both inside and outside in a healthy and safe environment.


Communication and Language.

Children learn to be good communicators and staff lay down the early skills for them to become confident speaking and listening.



Children start to explore phonics and letter sounds, we encourage children to make marks, to write and read with the help of enthusiatic and passionate staff.



At Montys children learn to use maths in a practical way; they work things out by using shapes, counting and measuring.


Understanding the World.

Staff at Montys help children to make sense of the world by investigating and exploring. Children are encouraged to make things and talk about interesting aspects in their lives and the world around them.

Expressive Art and Design

We provide rich opportunities to support children as they use their own ideas in music, art, dance, design and pretend play.