Food and Nutrition

At Montys, we believe that healthy foods produce healthy, happy children. To help us achieve this we employ a nursery chef who prepares all meals on the premises using the finest natural ingredients, most of which are organic and are locally sourced.

Montys regards snack and meal times as an important part of the nursery day. Eating represents a social time for children and adults and helps children to learn about healthy eating. We promote healthy eating using resources and materials. At snack and meal times, we aim to provide nutritious food which meets the children's individual dietary needs.

Why Montys Chooses to use fresh organic ingredients:

Organic food is food as it should be, it is food that you can trust.

Choosing organic food means higher levels of animal welfare, no GM ingredients, fewer pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertiliser and more environmentally sustainable management of farmland and the natural environment. By choosing organic food you are supporting farming practices with a more traceable production process and you will always know what is in your food.

All organic products come from trusted sources and you know that it has been produced to the highest standards and has been certified by law. Legally, a licence is required to grow or process organic products and these companies/farms are inspected each year.

There are strict standards laid down in European law and these are exceeded by the soil association's stricter standards. The Soil Association certify over 70% of organic produce in the UK. It is the most rigorous of any independent food standard audit process.   

Montys currently holds a Gold award from the Soil Association for our continued commitment to providing children with healthy organic meals. We were the first nursery within the M25 with an on-site chef to achieve such an award.  We are also extremely proud of our Chef for being nominated and shortlisted to the final 3 for the award of Catering Mark Champion in 2015 and shortlisted to the final 2 in 2019 for her outstanding menus and commitment to providing well balanced, nutritious organic meals. 



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Soil Association Certification

Soil Association Site Confirmation


"Celia and Chef Antonia have been serving a Food for Life Gold menu for many years. Their commitment to the standards is exemplary and amply demonstrated in the menu offered to children of all ages. 97.5% of their menu is made from scratch, using freshly prepared ingredients - most of which are organic. They are passionate about their philosophy to offer children a broad range of home-made, tasty dishes which are served in a family style setting by age group. It was lovely to see the older children serving themselves and enjoying their vegetables. Lunch is served on tables with a table cloth and children are encouraged to use cutlery. Their focus on food education is commendable and enhanced by a small outside plot for the children to grow seasonal ingredients - these subsequently make their way to the kitchen for Antonia to work her magic. Well done on another very impressive inspection! ."

Isla Meynell, The Soil Association, 23/11/2017